Synthetic Drugs


“After using Spice for several weeks, I woke up early one night, fell to the floor, couldn’t move my legs and couldn’t move my hips. All I could do was drag myself by my forearms and that wasn’t making it anyway so I laid on the floor for 13 hours, screaming, pounding the floor asking for help. Doctors say another two hours and I would have been dead. I’m going to be in the hospital for a long time to come.” L.D.

“I want to share my experience with K2. It ruined my life. When I tried smoking K2 for the first time, it was like everything dissolved into what seemed like the fuzz on the TV screen. I remember thinking ‘This is what hell is.’ All I could feel was awful fear. I heard voices of family members, flashbacks to when I was younger, the worst experience I’ve ever had. I was shaking horribly, and I felt terrified and sick. Ever since that day, I have had awful anxiety on a daily basis. I had to quit school because my anxiety was so bad.” —J.W.

“I am an experienced drug user who experimented with more drugs than I have fingers. [Bath Salts] are more dangerous than crack. The comedown was the worst experience of my life. It lasted 9 hours. Nothing but fear, heart palpitations, jitters, severe nausea, and everything coming and going a million miles an hour. It was terrible. Because of this experience I will never use drugs again. I am lucky to still be alive to warn you. STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THIS …” —E.W.

“I felt like my mind had been ripped apart, and I continued to doubt everything that I had ever done or said… I feel I had some sort of post-traumatic stress from this experience. I felt I had developed a social disorder because I could not talk to strangers and I felt like I would have an anxiety attack just looking someone in the eye… 25I-NBOMe was NOT a drug to play with… I will never take 25I again.” F.M.

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